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Liminal Group
has assembled some of the most forward thinking minds in business and personal development. Liminal's Faculty and Advisory Board Members consist of published best-selling authors, highly sought-after keynote speakers, executive coaches and organizational consultants. Liminal Group's products are designed to provide you with outstanding educational content provided by these thought leaders. This online repository provides access to videos, books, articles, past webinars, networking tools, and other content exclusive to this platform.

Leadership Communications II, with Granville Toogood (110 min + 20 min of pre-recorded Q&A)
Did you know that just three minutes with the right audience can be worth more than a year at your desk? In just few hours, America's top Presentation & Public Speaking coach will teach you the same skills he has taught to more than half the Fortune 500 CEOs... (more)
Quantum Leap Thinking, with James Mapes (108 min)
This bold yet fun program is designed to empower business people with the simple, concise and effective skills which lead to clearer thinking, enhanced creativity, and higher productivity. Through dramatic exercises with the entire audience, Mapes will demonstrate how we get "stuck" in thinking that limits our ability to perform at our best and how the power of the mind and imagination can be used to reframe challenges and avoid the "intelligence trap"...(more)
MySpace and You: It's Not About the Kids, with David van Toor (45 min)
Worried about MySpace? You should be, but not for the reasons you may think. Social Networking is having an impact on your business today. While you may be able to ignore it now, get ready to wake up fast! Your customers are talking about you, and you're talking to them, but are you actually communicating in ways that matter? Here's a hint, newsletters no longer count... (more)
The Future of Business & Strategy Web Event: What's Coming And What To Do About It, with David S. Rose and Bob Rice (120 min)
Session I: What's Next: How New Technologies and Newer Business Models are Changing the World

David S. Rose is the country's leading futurist. As the founder of the New York Angles and, he gets the first look at new business trends and transforming technologies. In his presentation, David walks us through the four disruptive forces that will reshape our world and your business.... (more)

Faculty Books

The Articulate Executive: Learn to Look, Act, and Sound Like a Leader
Toogood, Granville Buy Now

Even seasoned speakers fall into common traps; Do you? Learn to beat fear...heed the 18-minute wall...use body language, dress, and visual aids to top prepared text like a pro...handle questioners, hecklers, and the press with aplomb.

The Articulate Executive in Action: How the Best Leaders Get Things Done
Toogood, Granville Buy Now

With the help of examples from legendary business leaders who share their communication secrets, Toogood coaches you in becoming a dynamic force capable of communicating vision, motivating your staff to excel and customers to buy, imparting enthusiasm for change and innovation, and transforming skeptics and disbelievers into true believers.

The Inspired Executive
Toogood, Granville Buy Now

Three minutes in front of the right audience can be worth more than a year at your desk. That's the wake-up message in this new guide to leadership in business from Granville Toogood, America's master coach of executive communications.

The Creative Executive
Toogood, Granville Buy Now

Both fast-paced and fun to read, Toogood's latest installment of his "Executive" series, The Creative Executive, is alive with anecdotes and amazing true stories. Here, Toogood reveals the often surprising secrets of leadership, productivity, profitability, and lifetime fulfillment in the workplace-and beyond.

Habit Force!
Cossolotto, Matthew Buy Now

Matthew Cossolotto redefines failure and the secret to embracing success. Matthew Cossolotto redefines failure and the secret to embracing success.

The DNA of Leadership
Glaser, Judith Buy Now

Just as your DNA may determine your destiny, a company's organizational DNA may determine its destiny. The DNA of Leadership helps you understand how to shape your company's genetic code for success.

Creating We
Glaser, Judith Buy Now

Creating WE goes to the root of the problem, showing how self-centered, unimaginative, non-collaborative "I-centric" work environments "territorialism" to form in the workplace, dooming companies to failure.

Quantum Leap Thinking
Mapes, James J. Buy Now

This user-friendly guide to mastering the mind will help you make quantum leaps in personal growth in terms of defining your vision and developing a personal road map.

99% Inspiration
Mattimore, Bryan Buy Now

The best-selling book on the how-to's of business innovation and creativity.

A New Paradigm of Leadership: Visions of Excellence for 21st Century Organizations
Shelton, Ken Buy Now

Ken Shelton offers a fresh approach to leadership with a holistic perspective on leadership that will inspire today's leaders.

Best of Class: Building a Customer Service Organization
Shelton, Ken Buy Now

The creation of a massive global marketplace has brought with it an urgent demand for superior quality and competitive customer service. Shelton explains how to transcend the competition and meet ever-growing expectations.

Three Moves Ahead: What Chess Can Teach You About Business
Rice, Bob Buy Now

Three Moves Ahead shows how classic chess strategies address the #1 problem of Information Age executives: how to move quickly in the face of incalculable complexities and unexpected change.






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