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Liminal Group provides consulting services in the areas of Executive Coaching, Enterprise Consulting, Private Workshops and Keynote Speaking, as well as for Entertainment.

Each of these four consulting practices are based on our proprietary Transformation Methodology™ which entails a five step process designed to provide insights and experiences that open up the individual, team or organization to new levels of learning.

The Transformation Methodology™ process includes

  1. Discovery uncovers the breadth and scope of the consulting engagement through interviews and assessments
  2. Design customizes the program towards the specific needs of the individual, team or enterprise
  3. Development engages clients in new exercises which will expand their ways of working towards agreed upon goals
  4. Delivery embeds new leadership competencies into the way they interact with others, so it becomes who they are - how they work - and how others see them and
  5. Measurement whereby we observe and measure the impact of this process and create follow-up strategies for sustaining and expanding the results.

Executive CoachingExecutive Coaching creates a framework for leadership effectiveness and help clients grow beyond their boundaries. Through executive coaching, clients gain insights to new possibilities and communicating more effectively. Clients learn to alter their perceptions in order to develop the skills needed to lay the tracks for success within the organization.

Coaching provides executives with the tools needed to cut through the clutter of their world in order to see and act more clearly and with greater purpose. As a result, they become more responsive to their own personal needs, the needs of those around them, and most importantly the needs of the organization. Our coaching practice focuses on numerous subsets of Executive Coaching, Organizational Coaching, Communications Coaching, and Innovation Coaching.

Enterprise Consulting

Enterprise ConsultingEnterprise Consulting builds a culture of mutual ownership, leadership and commitment to results across the organization.

Our unique processes unveil new points of differentiation which can create positive energy for change and recharge the culture with new ways of working together. Enterprise Coaching increases the organization's ability to drive the change process from within and to raise the Cultural & Brand IQ to standards of excellence that will ensure the company's leadership position in their industry.

Our clients learn how to construct a context for change during periods of growth and transition that intentionally creates a “shift” in the way people work together both inside and outside the company. Clients learn to break down silos, dissolve factions and cliques and reduce resistance.

The result is that leaders, employees, customers, and clients start to work together differently - territoriality shifts to collaboration; fear shifts to anticipation of what we're going to create together; there is a shift from a command and control environment to a co-creating environment.

Private Workshop

Private WorkshopMost organizations are facing unique challenges - threats in the marketplace, unsuspecting competitors, lack of resources, new competency requirements - all necessary to tackle for future success.

Customized workshops are designed to help your organization bridge the gap between aspirations and execution. Customized workshops are “defining moments” for organizations where leaders come face-to-face with the dynamics, obstacles, opportunities and possibilities for future success.

These highly interactive sessions open up new ways of working together to create the future. During the process, the executives' teams learn to understand each other's perspectives, share feelings and concerns, and open up to each other in new and deeply profound ways.

Our Faculty also perform assessments that can help executives gain insight into their culture, their competencies and their opportunities for growth. One of our most powerful assessment tools - The DNA Assessment - uses a sophisticated web-based assessment technology which is equipped to provide incredible lenses into the dynamics of your culture, your capabilities to handle challenges, and the levels of cooperation and collaboration that exist.

Our assessment tools may be customized to your organizational climate and business challenges. For companies interested in a more intimate program focused specifically on their needs, Liminal Group custom tailors group seminars and workshops on a variety of topics relevant to the transformation of individuals and organizations.

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking All of Liminal Groupís Faculty members are available for Keynote Speaking engagements. Our thought leaders and industry experts are able to speak on a wide range of topics, including:

  • - Leadership Skills & Theory
  • - Executive Communications
  • - Customer Experience
  • - Innovation
  • - Futurism
  • - Creativity
  • - Brand Identity
  • - Business Strategy
  • - Globalization

Faculty members have spoken at events across the US and abroad, and have participated in events of all varieties: executive retreats, sales meetings, industry conferences, corporate training seminars, client appreciation dinners, and trade shows.

Liminal will work with you or your corporate event planner to insure that our speakers will captivate, motivate, engage, provoke and inspire any audience in order to create a memorable learning experience.

If desired, our Faculty will work with your team to customize a presentation tailored to your corporate culture, meeting themes, or leadership challenges. We encourage you to contact our offices so that we can help identify the appropriate speaker and create a successful program for your event.



A number of Liminal Group's Faculty members are world-renowned performance artists who specialize in corporate entertainment. Our artists realize that captivating the attention of corporate audiences is a unique endeavor and are adept at producing rave reviews from the guests of their Fortune 500 clientele.

Liminal Group has formed relationships with some of the top names in the entertainment business, and has had successful experiences booking: mentalists, sleight-of-hand artists, professional pick-pockets (for entertainment only!), hypnotists, and corporate comedians.

Entertainment goals vary for every unique event and client. Liminal Group understands that the entertainment program for a conservative client dinner is quite different than the needs for a corporate product launch looking to create buzz. Working with each client, Liminal can present a number of options that will fall within your budget and appeal to your intended audience.